Event Safety Staff Support

Do you have an event where you are expecting a larger than usual attendance?

We will provide an experienced team member who is at least NVQ 3 trained.
They will work alongside your existing Supervisory team providing them with support and where needed guidance.
In the event though that they are asked to, or a situation is such that it is necessary for them to take charge they will do so. (the criteria for this will be agreed pre-event)

We are also happy to provide event safety and security staff that can work alongside and supplement your existing staff.

Do you have a team member that would benefit from some support? Maybe you would like some support?

We are here to help, to listen, to support.

We have signed up to the Eventwell Manifesto and as part of our commitment to this we are commited to being here to help. It doesn’t matter if you work for us or not we are here for all event staff