Our Services

Our Services Include:

It all starts with your dream, your idea and our expertise.  The journey to your event starts with you.  Our job is to support you and to be your critical friend and advisor.  Safety and teamwork together.

We bring over twenty six years of event safety experience to your event.  All of this, our expertise, knowledge and skill are at your disposal from day one. 

Involving us in the process early gives us a better chance to work with you. So we can put together a safe event as close to your dream as possible.  We don’t like saying no.  Instead we would rather say yes but.

Your event may need all of our services.  It may only need some.  There is no one size fits all.

If you’d like to know more about one of our services then please select it from the drop down menu.  Otherwise contact us today and let’s start our journey together.

One Team Event Safety Management is the event safety element of One Safety Team Group. If you are looking for more general Health and Safety support a list of the services offered by One Team Health and Safety Management can be found here.