Welcome to our FAQ's

How can you support my event?

You can find the main services that we offer on the Our Services page. 

We will work with you and tailor our offering to your requirements. 

If you are an existing event that has an event safety plan in place and you just need somebody to deliver this we can do that.

If you are a new or aspiring event we can work with you from early conception through event day and beyond.

If you want to chat about your event and to get an idea of how we can help then please don’t hesitate to either call us on 01604 264500

or email us  [email protected]

What is an Event Safety Manager?

An Event Safety Manager or Safety Officer is someone that specialises in event safety and is able and qualified to assume control of the safety of your event.

As an Event Organiser you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you deliver a safe event.  The job of the Event Safety Manager is to act as your agent and senior advisor on all safety matters.

Some event organisers are happy to fully delegate responsibility to the Event Safety Manager and others prefer to have a level of involvement on the day.

When putting together your organisational structure for your event  the Event Safety Manager should report solely into you as the organiser and be given the authority and support to override any decision on safety grounds.

An Event Safety Manager should hold as a minimum the NVQ 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety.  We would recommend you also seek one that has event safety experience.

To be an Event Safety Manager with One Team Event Safety Management we require at least this.

Even our Managing Director isn’t immune to this requirement!

Not only does he hold the NVQ 4 Diploma but he also holds the NCRQ Level 6 Certificate in Applied Health and Safety with merit, is a technical member of IOSH and has over two decades of event safety experience.

How does it work?

Following your initial enquiry you will be assigned an Event Safety Manager.  They will be your primary contact and if your event requires a presence on event day it will be them that attend.

Whilst they are your primary contact you also have access to all the expertise and knowledge of One Team Event Safety Management and of the contacts that are in our phone book.  Your ESM can contact them and take care of any necessary co-ordination if you wish or simply provide a referral.

In everything we do we look to work with you.  We are happy to explain things where necessary and if it is something that we can leave for you to complete we will do.

We see ourselves as part of your team.

We will put together your Event Safety Plan and any other plans that you need.

We will support you when you meet with the Safety Advisory Group.